Missions Monthly Focus

World Evangelism Fund
What is the World Evangelism Fund?
Employed missionaries in the Church of the Nazarene receive a monthly paycheck based on a standard amount plus a cost-of-living adjustment.  Missionaries also receive medical insurance, a pension provision, and other benefits such as housing and travel costs.  The World Evangelism Fund comes from the generosity of Nazarenes around the world.  Each church is challenged to contribute an assigned apportionment.
The Benefits of the World Evangelism Fund:
  • Missionaries — The World Evangelism Fund provides the strategic foundation and base for the work of our missionaries around the world.  The funding allows our missionaries to expand their ministry by building upon your support.
  • Churches — Regardless of size, each church has the opportunity to take part in the global mission endeavor.  Also, just as individuals are blessed by God when they commit a portion of their resources for His kingdom, so churches are blessed when they allocate funds to help reach the lost around the world.